Pronto per il primo step? Inizia e completa il test online, per il secondo step farai un colloquio con un nostro docente e potrai conoscere in maniera completa e dettagliata il tuo livello di conoscenza linguistica.

Istruzioni: Per ogni domanda scegli una sola risposta (a,b,c, o d)
* Esempio: John __________ in North London right now
a) lives
b) has lived
c) is living
d) lived

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1. ________________ first name is John.


2. “_______________ do you leave home?” “8 o’clock.”


3. She _________blue eyes.


4. Where______________ from?


5. She __________ late but we_____________ .


6. We _____________ there yesterday.


7. _____________ you like some more coffee?


8. There’s only __________milk in the bottle


9. “What __________ you _________?” “I’m a dentist.”


10. My car is _____________your car.


11. “___________ that film yet?” “No, but I want to go soon.”


12. Sarah _____________ in Paris since Sunday.


13. ___________ anything after school tomorrow?


14. He never eats meat and ______.


15. Unless he _________soon, he’ll miss the plane.


16. They wouldn’t have stolen your car if you______ it.


17. When I was a child, my parents ______ me watch TV before dinner.


18. If you move to London, you might have to________ on the other side of the road.


19. Never before ______such terrible food.


20. I wish I ______get up early tomorrow.


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